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DJ Papa Gentle I just discovered your show and I'm digging it to the utmost! I was driving down the 405 on July 15, 2009 the first time I heard it. I tore a page from my notebook and scribbled the following going 80mph:
Show - The Dream of Harry Lime "french fantasy prog"
I tried my best to make out the french-inspired playlist and came up with the following nonsense:
max-like/x-like , elle o eem . flamendialice , dickens , catherine diderot?
Can you help by providing a playlist for that date? Or if you can puzzle out my nonsense, provide a few names to check out in the genre? Thanks a million!!!

Ari Gold

8:16pm, June 2, you were playing something, and I'd love to know what it is!

Steven Karpowicz

Hi Papa Gentle,
You played an amazing French psychedelic song about 8:20 on Sept. 22. I wanted to call up right then and donate, but did not have access to a phone at the time. Do you recall who the artist was, so I may try to find the CD?
I love your show - the variety of music you play is wonderful. Please keep up the good work of expanding my horizons!


Great show, always interesting


Loved tonight's show (4.27.11). Thanks.


Thanks a ton DJ Papa Gentle. Yours is my favorite hour of radio in LA.

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