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David C.

Great show tonight! How do i get a copy of the playlist?

David C.

Woops! Should have read all the way!

J. DeJesus

Luv Luv Ur guys show.
Wish it was more than an hr.
and the words to the song "como un bolero" awesome!!

Where, WHERE can I hear some trio sounds LIVE in L.A. Hermanos??

Any intel would be sooo appreciated .
Keep up the great work!
J. DeJesus


Thank you for tuning in! Most trios seem to be contracted for parties and such but I know of a few restaurants that play this type of music:

Used to be a trio but now it's two guys that play on the weekends. They've toured the world in the 60s with Olimpo Cardenas and are great musicians. I'm gonna try and have them on the show soon. I've only seen the Mariachi here who are fantastic but they also have a Quartet:

Another great Mariachi that plays the standards:

Also check out info on Tres Souls on the blog below. If anyone else reading this wants to recommend a trio in L.A. please comment!


interesting version historia de un amor:

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